David TalonBorn in Painesville, Ohio, I came to the Chicago area at age 5 after the death of my mother. My father and I lived with my grandparents, and it was my grandmother Ruby who taught me not only the joy of reading but how to use my imagination to create worlds of my own.

When my dad remarried we moved to the northern suburbs, and at 17 I joined the Marine Corps as an infantryman. Once my tour was over I kicked around the Chicago area about a year before joining the Navy as a corpsman, and have been associated with medicine in one form or another ever since.

But writing is my passion. I’ve sold short stories to a number of magazines (most of which are out of print now), and my first book, The Last Guardian of Mosh Chaltun was published in 2007 by ColdTree press (who shut their doors in 2009 due to the economic downturn)

I am married to an immigration attorney who is also an archeologist (her thesis was on migration patterns at Chichen-Itza), no kids but a few rescued cats, and currently reside in the most beautiful place in the country: Asheville, NC



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